President Abinader leads the signing of an agreement to homologize Dominican driver’s licenses in the DR and the US.


New York.- President Luis Abinader led this Sunday, together with the Governor of the State of New York, Kathy Hochul, the signing of an agreement for the promulgation of the Driver’s License Law.


During the ceremony, the president stressed that signing this agreement would allow Dominicans to use their driver’s licenses in New York and the Dominican Republic without the need to carry out homologation procedures.


President Abinader thanked Congressman Adriano Espaillat, Governor Hochul, Senator Luis Sepúlveda, members of Congress and state councilors for this agreement, which he said is part of the progress for the benefit of Dominicans.

Similarly, he highlighted the impetus given to this initiative by the president of the Dominican Senate, Eduardo Estrella; the senator of the province María Trinidad Sánchez, Alexis Victoria; the Dominican ambassador to the United States, Sonia Guzmán, and the Dominican consul in New York, Eligio Jáquez.

The head of state took the opportunity to announce that with the help of the city of New York and its mayor Eric Adams, a museum and theater will be installed to teach Dominicans of different generations the history and culture of the country.

When recounting how his family emigrated to the United States, President Abinader expressed himself this way: “I also feel that I am a Dominican from New York, who came with his family, and his family was here, and I have lived and seen that job, that dedication, that entrepreneurship and not only have they been able to progress, but the State of New York and the United States have progressed with them.

He added that is why he always tells Dominicans, wherever they are, that they have to be as they have been and as society recognizes, good citizens in the countries to which they emigrate because that says the greatness of where they come from, “our homeland, the Dominican Republic.

In the middle of his speech, the president took the opportunity to ask the Dominicans about their preference the baseball teams and, given the responses of those present, he exclaimed: “But we are all Dominicans, we all love our country, and we want our homeland, and we do and continue to do everything so that our homeland and the quality of life of our people wherever they are is better every day.”

And he added: “I am here as president of all Dominicans, and I am going to parade today with great pride, saying that we love Dominicans in communities abroad, we appreciate them, we thank them, and we are proud and that without them the progress that is lived today in the Dominican Republic would not have been possible.

President Abinader also participated in a breakfast with more than 2,000 people, an event organized by the congressman of Dominican origin Adriano Espaillat.

Subsequently, the Dominican president joined the parade from Sixth Avenue and 36th Street.



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