President Abinader leads the web platform launch to validate documents and digital signatures, “Validafirma.”


Santo Domingo.- Intending to advance in implementing the 2030 Digital Agenda, President Luis Abinader led the launch of the “Validafirma” platform, which will allow the validation of documents and digital signatures from the Dominican Republic.

This tool will make it easier for natural or legal persons to verify and validate the authenticity, integrity, and legality of digitally signed documents in the national territory.

It will also allow optimizing and modernizing processes for the public and private sectors.

“Validafirma” was developed by the Dominican Institute of Telecommunications (INDOTEL), whose president, Nelson Arroyo, assured that the necessary steps have been taken so that the Dominican Republic is more connected and modern, responding to the vision of President Luis Abinader on the digital transformation that the country needed.

“Authentication, document security, and digital messaging are essential to assuring interested parties that their e-commerce transactions are carried out in an environment free from illegal attacks or infringements.” 

Highlighting the increase in electronic transactions in the country, he added that according to data from the Central Bank, at the end of 2021, there was an increase of 120.5% in volume and 99.3% in value compared to 2019 for transactions totaling 88,000 million pesos.



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