President Abinader participates in the opening of the 2023 Agricultural Fair.


Santo Domingo, DR: President Luis Abinader attended the “National Agricultural Fair 2023” opening held by the National Board of Livestock Farmers (PNG). The president was recognized for supporting the field, guaranteeing profitability and Dominican food security.

most important event

The National Agricultural Fair is the most important event in the Dominican agricultural sector and will exhibit the best of national production to strengthen the unity of the industry.


The country is now more productive.

When pronouncing the central words of the event, the Minister of Agriculture, Limber Cruz, said that currently, the country is more productive, more efficient, and has a more exportable sector.

He stressed that this is a productive government that has done more for the sector in less time than past administrations.

He assured that the country has remained strong in everything and that the present authorities have been transparent, at the same time that they have eliminated the discretion of agricultural products“We will continue working for the growth and development of the country.”

There will be economic growth.

On his side, the president of the National Board of Cattlemen, José Mallén, thanked the president for his financial support. He said that this year there would be great economic growth due to the good work of President Abinader.

Likewise, during the event, Dr. Cesáreo Contreras was recognized in Memoriam by the Board of Trustees for his contributions to the sector.

At the same time, a bone-made tray was delivered as a token of gratitude to the head of state for having worked in favor of the Dominican countryside and agriculture.


The event will have exhibitions and sales of animals, products, equipment, and machinery.

This event will occur from March 17 to 26, 2023, at the Ciudad Ganadera facilities. There will be exhibitions, the sale of animals, products, equipment, and machinery, as well as shows and competitions of different animal species.

The fair will not only highlight the country’s achievements in agricultural matters but also reinforce the actions that have positioned the country with the best economic indicators, despite the crisis in the world due to the war between Russia and Ukraine.

This 2023 version will integrate various activities, such as judging beautiful forms of milk and bovine meat breeds, competitions of Higüeyano Paso horses, paso fino, and rodeo, among other equestrian sports disciplines.

In addition, there will be an exhibition of sheep, goats, dogs, and agricultural products.

The entire agricultural chain, from the field to the consumer, can present their progress for ten days.

Present were the former president, Hipólito Mejía; the Minister of Economy, Pável Isa; the director of INSPIRE, Iván Hernández; from the IAD, Guillermo García; from INDHRI, Olmedo Caba, and National Assets, Rafael Burgos. Also, the mayoress of the DN, Carolina Mejía; the executive vice president of the Agribusiness Board (JAD), Osmar Benítez; the general administrator of Banco Agrícola, Fernando Durán; from the council of Banco Agrícola, Arismendy Almonte; the adviser to the Executive Power, Andrés Bautista, and that of the agricultural sector, Erick Rivero.

Also, from the National Board of Cattlemen, the vice presidents, Luis Carlos Fernández; Jose Martin Garden; the secretary, José Federico López; and the treasurer, Alfredo Ríos.


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