Questions announcement by the president of the JCE and demands respect for the diaspora.


NEW YORK.- The author of the book “The broken face of the diaspora”, Esteban Cabrera, questioned the announcement of the president of the plenary session of the Central Electoral Board (JCE), Román Jáquez Liranzo, about the objective of that institution to register more of a million Dominicans abroad.

Cabrera, founder of the Project We Demand Respect for the Diaspora (PRO-ERD), an organization that arose as a response from the Dominican community to the indifference of the Dominican authorities and accredited institutions abroad in the face of the problems that affect it, sent a letter to the Plenary of the electoral body in which it warns about the consequences that the Dominican elections in the US could have if the Board does not take the corrective measures to “avoid the repetition of all the scourges that affected the 2020 electoral process abroad.”

“We don’t need a million subscribers, we need the respect of the JCE,” he said.



“This letter fulfills the purpose of expressing to the Plenary of the Central Electoral Board (JCE) our concern as a Dominican citizen and director of a media outlet that investigated electoral fraud in the third position of ultramr deputies in the third constituency of the United States and an embezzlement of electoral funds from the 2020 process amounting to almost 5 million dollars, which seriously affected the image of that institution, not only before the diaspora, but also before the international community and the United States Department of State ”, the letter says in its first paragraph.

He adds that “the idea about the growth of the electoral roll abroad to one million registered voters is good, but we are surprised that you, as president of the Plenary, announce this projection without showing a guarantee that the JCE will no longer be able to disobey the sentences of the TSE. The JCE has to guarantee that invalid votes are not burned and disappear again. That electoral funds are not embezzled again by officials of the OCLEES-OPREEs, following orders from above. The Plenary has to clarify recent complaints and demonstrates that it is not necessary to open a JCE office in the Dominican House in Pennsylvania to function as a grassroots committee for the PRM in Hazleton, PA. The Plenary must demonstrate with facts that it does not support the irregular actions of the previous one, submitting to justice all those involved in the irregularities of the past elections abroad. And finally, the JCE will do what is necessary to prevent the Federal Court of the Eastern Circuit of the state of Pennsylvania from annulling the Dominican elections in North American territory due to lack of actions and corrective measures.

Finally, Cabrera warns the members of the plenary session that the announcement of their president about “the projection of growth of the electoral roll abroad without the structural changes that the OCLEE-OPREE deserve, will only serve to increase the expenses of a discredited, sterile election and without merits, in which the diaspora no longer believes or sees them as an achievement, which is why abstention levels increase in the same proportion as the voter registry grows, which went from 49.94% in 2012 to 54, 96% in 2016 and 78.21% in 2020”.


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