Radhamés Jiménez reveals Fuerza del Pueblo works in alliance with the PLD.


SANTO DOMINGO.-Radhamés Jiménez, a member of the Political Directorate of the People’s Force (FP) party, revealed on Tuesday that an alliance is being worked on with the Dominican Liberation Party (PLD) because of the 2024 elections, although nothing is defined yet.


“A commission was created in the last meeting of the political leadership so that not only with the PLD, but with the entire opposition sphere, the possibility of shaping what would be a great opposition front is discussed and it is already in those preparations, but still there is nothing defined,” Jiménez said.


“This is what we are doing, with more than 20 opposition organizations,” he said during an interview on the “One + One” program.

In addition, he stressed that currently, “what is basically being considered is the alliance at the municipal level because the elections are just around the corner in February.”

According to legislators from those organizations, the possibility of an electoral alliance for the 2024 elections between the Dominican Liberation (PLD) and Fuerza del Pueblo parties is feasible. However, they said they did not know who would support whom.

Most of the leaders of the People’s Force Party, under the leadership of former President Leonel Fernández Reyna, come from the Dominican Liberation Party (PLD); for this reason, they have many elements in common.

And the two organizations are out of power, and their leaders and supporters know how painful it is to be distant from the authorities of the State because they enjoyed the benefits of power for 20 years.

Articulating tactics around a strategy to return to the National Palace to direct and assume leadership of the State can unite the two groups and lead an electoral front against the ruling Modern Revolutionary Party (PRM).

Many wounds are difficult to heal, resulting from the confrontation between former presidents Leonel Fernández Reyna and Danilo Medina Sánchez; however, the mission to return to power can overcome these adversities in the face of the elections to be held in 2024.



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