Release of a video by Tucker Carlson that alluded to Fox’s dishonesty


On Wednesday night, expelled Fox News personality Tucker Carlson made oblique accusations that his old network had been dishonest in a personal video.


Tucker said in a two-minute Twitter monologue that America is now a “one-party” state and that discussion of important issues has essentially stopped.
He continued by saying that the left has abandoned “persuasion” and turned to “force” to further their agenda.


Since being let go by Fox News on Monday, Carlson has only spoken in public once, in a video posted on Twitter.

Carlson observed that when truthful people speak out, they gain strength, and those who propagate lies to silence them lose power without mentioning Fox News or his untimely departure from the network.
Carlson’s video was released after Fox’s sister organization, SkyNews Australia, aired a scathing news editorial criticizing him personally, although he never accused Fox of disseminating lies.

The SkyNews host accused Carlson of propagating conspiracies and claimed that Carlson was “basically fired for thinking that he was bigger than Fox News.”

Carlson, whose final episode of the most-watched cable news program aired on Friday, never explained why Fox abruptly fired him.

He said enthusiastically, “Good evening.

“One of the first things you realize is how many genuinely nice people there are in this country, kind and decent people, people who really care about what’s true — and a bunch of hilarious people also, a lot of those,” he said. “When you step outside the noise for a few days.”

Even now, most of the populace must believe it, which is encouraging.

He added that he had also observed “how incredibly foolish the majority of debates you watch on television are. They are completely unimportant. They are meaningless.

“We won’t even recall having kids in five years as someone who has participated.

The lack of substantive discussion on important issues like war, civil liberties, cutting-edge science, demographic change, corporate dominance, and natural resources was later criticized by Carlson.

He questioned, “When was the last time you heard a real debate about any of those issues?”

It’s been quite some time. Such discussions are not allowed in American media.

“Both political parties and their donors have agreed on what is in their best interests, and they actively work together to silence any discussion about it.”

As a result, according to Carlson, the United States appears to be a “one-party state,” which he added “is a depressing realization, but not permanent.”

Our current orthodoxies won’t hold up, he continued. They’ve lost their minds.

Nobody gives them credit. They seldom ever make anyone’s life better.

“This situation can’t go on because it is already absurd.

“The individuals in power are hysterical and hostile because they know this.

They’re terrified. They are turning to force instead of trying to convince people.

It won’t, though.

“Honest individuals gain power when they speak the truth calmly and without embarrassment.

The liars who are trying to suppress them shrink at the same time. They deteriorate. That is the unbreakable rule of the cosmos.

True things win out. Where are the truth-telling Americans of today?

Few locations are remaining, but the ones that are left are sufficient. There is hope as long as you can hear the words.

The final words from Carlson were, “See you soon.”

Carlson’s program was canceled on Monday, but he allegedly still has a contract with Fox News.

According to several industry insiders, his Fox agreement forbids him from working for another media organization while still receiving compensation from the network.

His agreement most likely has non-disparagement clauses that forbid him from disparaging Fox News in any way, in line with standard industry practice.

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