Representative Danilo Burgos invites the Dominican consul in Pennsylvania to the capitol to celebrate Dominican Independence.


Harrisburg, PA: The State Representative for the 197th Legislative District of Philadelphia, Danilo Burgos, invited in a very special way the honorable Consul General of the Dominican Republic in the state of Pennsylvania, Dr. Alexis Antonio Henríquez Núñez, to a civic event organized by State Congress in homage to the national holiday of the Dominican Republic on the 179th anniversary of its National Independence.

Dr. Alexis Antonio Henríquez Núñez attended at the special invitation of the State Representative, Danilo Burgos, and appeared at the Pennsylvania State Congress building at 501 North 3rd Street in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania, 17120.

“On behalf of the Dominican Republic and in the person of our President, Luis Abinader Corona, we are very grateful for the great opportunity that both the honorable State Representative, Danilo Burgos, and this Congress give us to address us from this majestic hall on such a day. Special as today, February 27, when we celebrate the 179th anniversary of the Independence of the Dominican Republic”, said the Dominican consul in Pennsylvania, Alexis Henríquez Núñez, before the state congressmen.


“In my capacity as representative of the Dominican community of the Delaware Valley and of our Dominican president, Luis Rodolfo Abinader Corona, I am infinitely grateful for the invitation that state congressman Danilo Burgos made me.” Consul Alexis Henríquez said.

Giving a lecture by a great speaker, Henríquez Núñez, he asked the authorities of the 67 counties and the state government of Pennsylvania to continue strengthening the ties of consideration and respect they have always had for Dominicans who work in the State of Pennsylvania.


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