RFK Jr. calls for complete disclosure of Epstein files


(The author is a Latino consultant for American Values 2024)


 New York: Independent presidential candidate supported by American Values 2024 Super Pac, Robert F. Kennedy Jr., recently called for full disclosure of the Epstein files in an interview with FOX News correspondent Jesse Watters.


“Why are we hiding this from the American people?”  questioned RFK Jr., adding, “If prominent politicians, other government officials and American businesspeople were involved in Epstein’s list and his nefarious activities, American citizens should know. The loss of faith in our institutions and political class is directly related to high-profile incidents like the Epstein case and what appears to be an FBI cover-up. Were politicians and world leaders blackmailed or coerced by foreign governments?” Kennedy asked while calling for the total and unconditional disclosure of all details surrounding Jeffrey Epstein’s mysterious death.

“How widespread was the trafficking of minors, and exactly who was involved? Questions like these will never be answered by the current corrupt leaders in Washington, and American citizens must find the answers for their sake. This is unacceptable, and as your next president, Robert F. Kennedy Jr. will restore integrity and honesty in Washington and demand the same from the leaders of its institutions,” concluded Robert F. Kennedy Jr., the candidate supported by American Values 2024 Super Pac.

Who was Jeffrey Epstein, and what do the court documents reveal?

Jeffrey Epstein was a millionaire known for associating with celebrities, politicians, billionaires, and academic stars. He was initially arrested in Palm Beach, Florida, in 2005, accused of paying a 14-year-old girl for sex.

What is found in the documents?

In her December order, U.S. District Judge Loretta A. Preska reviewed the documents to determine what should be revealed and stated that she was disclosing them because much of the information they contained was already public.

In other court cases, records have been partially or fully disclosed. Much of the rest includes topics and individuals thoroughly examined in nearly two decades of journalistic articles, TV documentaries, interviews, books, and testimonies in Maxwell’s criminal trial.

People named in the records include many of Epstein’s accusers, members of his staff who shared their stories with tabloids, individuals who served as witnesses in Maxwell’s trial, people mentioned in passing during statements but not accused of anything lascivious, and prosecutors, a journalist, and a detective who investigated Epstein.

The judge also mentioned bolded names of people known to have had relationships with Epstein over time but whose relationships with him have already been well-documented elsewhere.

One of them is Jean-Luc Brunel, a French modeling agent close to Epstein, awaiting trial for raping underage girls before dying by suicide in a Paris prison in 2022. Giuffre was among the women who had reported sexual abuse against Brunel.

Clinton and Trump influenced the court record, partly because Maxwell’s lawyers questioned Giuffre about inaccuracies in journalistic stories related to her time with Epstein. According to an article, she had conversed with Trump and Clinton in a helicopter. Giuffre claimed that none of those situations occurred. She has not accused either of the former presidents of inappropriate behavior.

The judge decided that some names should be redacted from the documents because they would identify abuse victims.



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