Roberto Rosario accuses the Government of playing double standards with the Haitian issue.


SANTO DOMINGO.- Dr. Roberto Rosario Márquez, former president of the Central Electoral Board, today accused the Government of playing double standards with the Haitian issue because while abroad it defends sovereignty, here it makes decisions that violate it.

Rosario Márquez said that in eight meetings to agree on actions to adopt policies to defend the sovereignty and deal with the Haitian issue, no agreement had been reached.

“Four of these meetings have been held in the National Palace with the assistance of the President of the Republic and none of these agreements have been executed,” said Rosario Márquez, interviewed on Hoy Mismo Super 7.


He clarified that the People’s Force, which has participated in almost all these meetings, will not continue to play the role of farce, nor will it do public relations with the Government.

He maintained that the authorities have a double agenda with the Haitian case since they defend the Dominican Republic abroad and that the Haitian crisis must be resolved in that country. However, they make decisions that go against sovereignty here.

Roberto Rosario Márquez specified that the main threat to the survival of the Dominican Republic is Haitian migration and that the Government has not handled this situation responsibly.

He defended that the People’s Force had withdrawn from the meetings on the National Pact in defense of sovereignty.


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