Russia fines the Tinder and Twitch platforms for not posting users’ data

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The Russian Justice today fined the Match Group company, owner of the popular dating application Tinder, and the live streaming platform Twitch for refusing to locate the servers with the personal data of Russian users on the territory of Russia.

Justice of the Peace Timur Vajraméyev, of Moscow’s 422nd district, fined TwitchMatch Group 10 million rubles, just over $96,000, and in a second hearing, Twitch 13 million rubles, almost $135,000, judicial sources reported.

Both companies were found guilty of repeated administrative misconduct for refusing to locate servers with the personal data of Russian users in Russia, as required by the country’s law.


In June 2022, Twitch was sanctioned for the same reason with a fine of 2 million rubles, about $35,000 according to the exchange rate at the time.

A month later, Match Group was fined for the same reason and the same amount.

The Tinder owner announced she was leaving Russia after the Kremlin launched its military campaign in Ukraine on February 24.

The company concluded its withdrawal from the Russian market on June 30, more than a year after deactivating payment options for Russian users.




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