Sen. Ted Cruz claims that the White House is “playing politics” with the public’s safety by appointing Biden to the FAA.


Cruz claims that the White House is treating the administrator position at the FAA like a “patronage job” during the FAA nominee hearing.
Sen. Ted Cruz, R-Texas, declared on Wednesday that President Biden’s choice to run the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) in the future is unqualified.

Cruz stated during a Senate Commerce Committee confirmation hearing that the next FAA administrator must have “decades of experience in aviation” and claimed that Phil Washington, the nominee under consideration, does not have this experience.

“Phil Washington, the candidate who was put forward to us, had a lengthy and distinguished military career. But, he has no background in aviation safety, “Claro added. But, “He is not qualified for this post.”
Washington is the airport’s chief executive officer (DIA). He received Biden’s initial nomination last year, but Republican reservations about his background prevented him from moving on. Washington’s claims of discriminatory and retaliatory actions at DIA and his involvement in a corruption investigation at LA Metro have further delayed his confirmation.


Washington served as CEO of LA Metro, which is under investigation for awarding a costly contract for a sexual harassment hotline to a charity managed by a close friend of a LA Metro board member. The hotline was discovered to cost more than $8,000 for each call it received. Although Washington has denied wrongdoing, Cruz has urged the Senate to take its time considering his nomination in light of these and other allegations of impropriety made by whistleblowers.

Cruz criticized Biden’s pick of Washington for leading the FAA during his opening remarks on Wednesday, charging the White House with treating the position “like a patronage job” and “playing politics with the flying public’s safety.”


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