Senator Antonio Taveras accuses a deputy of recording and filtering audio where he talks about campaign spending.


The senator of the Santo Domingo province, Antonio Taveras, commented that he is considering suing a deputy of the Modern Revolutionary Party (PRM), who would have released an audio of a private conversation they had.


Taveras said that the audio was released by the pro-government deputy Alexis Jiménez, also running for senator within the PRM.


As explained by Taveras, during his participation in the program El Despertador, from the SIN News Group, the audio was broadcast “illegally,” he alleged that it was also modified so that only some sections could be heard.

“The audio is illegal, illegally taken from a discussion and edited. It happened during about 20 minutes of discussion with the aspiring senator and current deputy Alexis Jiménez, in the framework of a meeting of the board of directors of the Association of Industrialists of Herrera”, explained Taveras during the interview, broadcast by Color Visión, channel 9.

The senator said that the deputy appeared at the meeting with a supposed invitation from Taveras, which he denied, where he would have started to talk about his campaign plan “and other nonsense.”

After this, he said that he met privately with the deputy to talk about what was happening, about the candidacies, and it was supposedly in that context that the leaked audio was recorded.

“Nothing I say there is a lie, except for the 250 million pesos. It was illegal for that man to record a private conversation, where he gave him a series of guidelines for the PRM and the party system. We are considering suing him, today I am meeting with the lawyers,” said Taveras.

Regarding the 250 million he would have spent in the last campaign, he claimed he used fewer resources. “I took a line of credit from the Reserve Bank of about 100 million pesos” and added to that. He said he also spent on his printing press, billboards, posters and other aspects.



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