Seven Words Sermon: They apologize for corrupt politicians


Santo Domingo, DR: In the first Word of the Sermon of the Seven Words, which takes place in the First Cathedral of America, the Catholic Church calls for forgiveness of those who enrich themselves illegally, “who buy consciences for a couple of pesos and even for a plate of food.”


“Forgive the lack of honesty of politicians who deceive with false promises,” said Sister Lourdes Martínez of the Daughters of Altagracia.


In the Sermon of the Seven Words, the Catholic Church raises its voice against femicide, indiscriminate cesarean sections, rape, and other abuses against women.

Also, against forest fires, mining, landfills and their permanent burning, vehicle cemeteries, and other environmental contamination.

The church says that just like the thief when he was going to be crucified with Jesus, asked the son of God to remember him when he is in the kingdom of heaven, so do our abused women and the exposed environment to various types of pollution.

In the fourth Word, “I am thirsty,” the Catholic Church warns about the Government’s intentions to privatize water through a bill deposited in the National Congress.

Likewise, it criticizes the little care of our aquifer sources. Reflecting on the sixth Word, “Everything is fulfilled,” the church says that reality shows that the world is still divided and regrets corruption cases, such as Octopus, Squid, and others.

In the last Word, “Father in your hands I commend my spirit,” the church criticizes the emigration of young people to other countries, as well as the immigration of illegal immigrants to ours.

This seventh Word of Jesus on the Cross is the confident prayer of a son who has known how to be faithful

in the fulfillment of the will of his Father until his last breath.

Now, such trust and fidelity to Jesus bring with it a question today.

Still determining whether we are also being faithful to the mission that the Father has put in our hands.

I think not because a country in which members of political parties are more concerned with doing the work of justice than with sitting at a table for serious dialogue and responsible for seeking solutions to the situation of our valuable young people who everyday life in a group of illegal immigrants behind a supposed dream; where all kinds of

need and calamity, bringing so much mortification to their families; all for lack of more opportunities in his homeland; I don’t think we’re good! And, even worse, it seems they don’t realize it or pretend to be indifferent, but for every Dominican who goes out on this journey, at least five foreigners enter… at the rate we are going, the day will come when we Dominicans will be less on our soil!

Let’s put all our effort into the well-being of this beautiful country and its people, each one from his mission entrusted by God, so that we see a nation that continues to grow so much in human and religious values, as well as in the socio-economic field, for the next generations; we can also say confidently: Father, I deposit my service in your hands!

Good Friday is the day the Catholic Church commemorates the Passion and Death of Jesus Christ, and the Sermon is preached. The tradition of the Seven Words Sermon “began in the seventeenth century with a priest. Jesuit in Peru”, who carried out “meditations for Good Friday” from the

These are the last words of Jesus.



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