T Pack Ladies Polo Team stand as winners of the 1st. International Women’s Polo Cup Casa de Campo


The T Pack Ladies Polo Team won the Champions Cup in a demanding, even, and quick match that ended 4-3 over the American Express team, tied until the last 2 minutes of the final chukker.


The first International Women’s Polo Cup was held on the fields of the Casa de Campo Polo Club. All the players, the public, and the companies that accompanied the event lived a day of polo enthusiastically.


In addition to the sports event, the Women’s Cup was awarded. He highlighted the work of the Oriental Charity Board with its Wonder Mothers program, whose purpose is to empower single mothers in the community, specifically in tourism, who have been left without work during the pandemic. Of COVID-19 and the need to generate income to support their families, the money raised at the auction was allocated to this cause.

The creator of this first edition, Carolina Rainer de Matos, had the collaboration of Patricia Panzarasa, Director of the Women’s Polo Circuit of Argentina, the Director of Casa de Campo Polo Club, Fernando Arata; Jéssica Bernardi and the unconditional support of Leonardo Matos from Central Romana Corporation.

The public was made up of prominent personalities such as the Italian Ambassador Stefano Queirolo Palmas, the Ecuadorian jewelry designer Patricia Robalino, presenter of the Cup, César Tirado, manager of the Marina Chavón branch of Scotiabank, and Gabino Guzmán of T Pack Courier.

The 1st Casa de Campo International Women’s Polo Cup was presented by: Quezada, Casa de Campo Real Estate, Espaillat, La Taqueria, Spirit of Polo, Tokkio, Arena Gorda, La Bahía, Asociación Popular, Onnos, Costa Tropical, Melissa Odabash, Fiat, Volvo, One Bike, Grupo Yunein, Oncoserv, Gamal, De la Mesa, SBG, Bronch, Antibes, Playadito, Fashion Warehouse, and Linda de Alma.

Veuve Cliquot, Voila, Higueral, Gourmet Market, Bodega Convenio Las Claras, and El Catador entertained the public in a distinguished tent decorated by Sarah Troncoso.

team of players

T-Pack Team: Praxilla Trabattoni (IT) 3 T, Malena Sicilia Colombo 2 , (Arg) Veronica Posse 1 (Arg) and Stephania Spitale Campos Cervera -1 (PY).

Team American Express: Clelia Crespo 4 (ARG), Arianna van Schermbeek (Vnz) 1T; Guillermina Suffern 0 (Argentina) and Mary Jo Reinhart 1T (United States)

Special Prizes

Best Player of the Cup: Clelia Crespo awarded by La Taqueria

Best Player in Her Handicap: Praxilla Trabatton, awarded by Melissa Odabash

Fair Play: Arianna van Schermbeek awarded for Linda de Alma.



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