Temístocles Montás says PLD is attacked from all sides.


Santo Domingo.- The vice president of the Dominican Liberation Party, Temístocles Montás, urged his militants to maintain faith and trust in the Party and its leadership, as Juan Bosch did, in the face of what he considers an attack against that political organization.


“We are being attacked from all sides, like the arepa, candela from above and candela from below, but we have to do like Juan Bosch who was not intimidated,” encouraged Montás when giving the political and electoral orientations in an assembly of leaders held in the Reinaldo Pared Pérez National House of the PLD.


The founding member of the PLD recalled that this political organization had been built to fight against the sectors that radically opposed that Party’s construction.

“We have had to face major crises, but if I have something to convey to you, it is that we have overcome all these crises because we have had confidence and faith in the organization. We have had confidence in the PLD and its leadership”, stressed the also member of the Political Committee.

He recalled that in the 1978 elections, the Dominican Liberation Party got just 1%, about 18,000 votes, citing moments of difficulties and landslides that it has been overcoming, thanks to party mysticism.

In this sense, he referred to the temper and courage of Juan Bosch, stating that he was never intimidated by electoral failures. “We were coming out of a defeat and the next day Don Juan was standing up urging his compañeros and compañeras to work.”

After a political-electoral synthesis in the following periods, Temístocles Montás pointed out that the Party leadership has always presented solutions to the crisis and the problems arising, thus strengthening the party structure.

He recalled that in the 1994 crisis, the PLD leadership met and resolved the country’s problem. “We were the ones who really proposed the solution, the Pact for Democracy. We also proposed the constitutional reform.”

He explained that these decisions resulted from a political leadership formed alongside Juan Bosch, allowing the PLD to win the elections in 1996. The country began its path toward development until it became what it is today.



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