Ten entities ask for Haitian dignity and security DR


SANTIAGO DE LOS CABALLEROS.- Representatives of ten organizations involving sugarcane workers, university students, professionals, and religious pastors, among others, demanded dignity and security for the Haitian community in the Dominican Republic.


Through a press document, they requested this Saturday the implementation of a plan for the accompaniment and monitoring of Haitian migrants, especially children and young people, in the areas of education and documentation.



They also asked the authorities to take into consideration the protocol of understanding on repatriations between Haiti and the Dominican Republic, signed on December 1, 1999, in the processes of raids and deportations, “the dignity of women and the elderly, since it is in danger, as well as the image of the country in these difficult processes. Deportations must be humanized.”

They indicated that the Haitian State could not afford to send the injured to the consulates and embassy due to the complexity of Haitian migration in the Dominican Republic. Therefore more proactive profiles are required, committed, and identified with the reality of the citizens of the neighboring country in Quisqueyan territory.

The organizations are the Sugar Cane Workers of Cibao, Student Associations from different universities and Educational Centers, the Movement for Human Rights, Peace and Global Justice (M.O.N.D.H.A.), Association of Haitian Professionals for Peace (A.P.P.H.A.C.).

Association of Haitian Sociocultural Students (A.E.H.S.), Organization of Haitian Evangelical Pastors (O.P.E.H.), U



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