The 12 priorities of the RFK Jr. government.


By Esteban Cabrera


(The author is a Latino consultant for American Values 2024)


New York: In this article, we will focus on synthesizing a series of 12 pieces that we began to publish in the newspapers El Faro Latino and Elfaro. News related to the 12 priorities that the independent candidate Robert F. Kennedy Jr. will implement immediately. To the White House on January 20, 2024. We have already published 3 of 12 articles on the subject, which we will leave the links below.

The Super Pac American Values 2024, led by co-founders Mark Gorton, Tony Lyons, and Pierre Kory, among others, is committed and does everything necessary to disseminate both Kennedy’s campaign proposals and his priorities in all communities Americans.

These are Robert F. Kennedy Jr.’s 12 priorities:

The cost of living

Kennedy believed that people who work hard should afford a decent life. That is the guiding principle of the economic policies of his future government starting in 2024. RKF Jr. disapproves that a manual worker with secondary education cannot support a family, take vacations, and even save for retirement.

Please look at the full article: Robert F. Kennedy Jr. proposed the cost of living for the American people as a priority.

The House

Kennedy believes the dream of homeownership is fading for many Americans with high mortgage rates, rising prices and stagnant incomes. As the costs of home ownership rise to unattainable limits, rents continue to increase.

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Robert F. Kennedy Jr. has spent much of his career as an environmental lawyer, challenging big polluters and government agencies that failed to follow the law. He became one of America’s most influential environmental advocates. In the early 2000s, he was named “Hero of the Planet” by TIME magazine.

Please look at the full article: Robert F. Kennedy Jr. proposed the cost of living for the American people as a priority (3 of 12)

honest government

Intelligence agencies spy on our people. The government and tech platforms conspire to monitor and censor the public. Regulatory agencies have been captured by those they are supposed to regulate. Wall Street controls the SEC. The FTC has caught Big Tech. No wonder trust in government is at an all-time low, and Robert F. Kennedy Jr. is set to reclaim the solemnity of the federal government in 2024.

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“America is more polarized and divided now more than ever. Powerful antidemocratic forces have a deadly grip on our nation. There is only one way to break that control and return power to the people. It is a broad, popular movement that unites left and right, black and white, urban, rural, young and old, workers of all ethnicities. That is what I am proposing so that from my government, we can unify the United States.” Kennedy said.

The full article: RFK Jr. presents RECONCILIATION as the fifth priority of his government (5 of 12)


Bobby deeply questions the war policy of power and does not believe that, in the long term, the strength of a nation comes from its armies. He asks whether the United States spends as much on weapons as the following nine countries combined while the country has weakened over the past 30 years. “We cannot be a strong or secure nation when our infrastructure, industry, society and economy are weak. The dismantling of the military empire is necessary,” he said.


As president, RFK Jr. promises to end the humanitarian crisis, starting with its most immediate cause: an uncontrolled border. He will seal the border to illegal immigration; his administration will enact deeper reforms to curb it in the long term and expand legal immigration. He sees the situation at the wall as a humanitarian crisis. A flood of immigrants has overwhelmed the resources of cities as far away as New York.

Civil Liberties

The Kennedy administration will make it a top priority to protect and restore civil liberties enshrined in the Bill of Rights. These freedoms have been under constant attack for more than 20 years, beginning with Bush and Cheney’s war on terrorism and accelerating in the era of COVID lockdowns. Freedom of expression is the cornerstone of all other rights and freedoms. Once a government can silence its opponents, no other rights are safe.

Racial Healing

Kennedy, Jr. believes that the situation of minorities, especially blacks, still must improve, especially in terms of income, wealth, education, infant mortality, home ownership, incarceration, health, and life expectancy; they are still behind the rest of the population. His government will work on targeted community repair, prison reform, police reform, working class, schools, addiction, and youth, among other topics that allow for a regime of more excellent opportunities.

American natives

“These conditions cannot be allowed to exist in America,” said Robert F Kennedy after seeing the impoverished living conditions on the Pine Ridge Reservation. Robert F Kennedy Jr. inherited from his father a deep commitment to improving the lives of Native Americans.



When he is elected on January 20, 2024, Kennedy will reverse America’s economic decline decades in the making. “Our country faces a widening wealth gap (the most unequal since the 1920s), rampant debt, decaying infrastructure, and a hollow industrial base. Every night, tens of millions of American children go to bed hungry.


Since the 9/11 terrorist attacks, American military men and women have been called to war. 77% deployed twice or more. Mr. Kennedy accepts this sacrifice made by veterans to the country, their sense of honor and their desire to serve. Instead, politicians and the military-industrial complex have misused his steadfast dedication to values such as responsibility, duty, integrity, and sincerity.

Source: Kennedy 24



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