The answer!! Vinho and the FNP warn that PLD could have destabilizing planes.


SANTO DOMINGO.- The president of the National Progressive Force (FNP), Marino Vinicio Castillo (Vincho), accused this Thursday the Dominican Liberation Party (PLD) of showing signs that it is articulating a plan aimed at destabilizing national peace.


During a meeting with press members, Castillo realized that the actions he described as ominous could occur from the highest levels of the purple party.


“I warn of ominous signs that suggest that a dangerous plan to disrupt and destabilize national peace is being developed, promoted by cadres from the high leadership of the Dominican Liberation Party,” said Vincho.

He pointed out that given the situation the country is experiencing, actions that threaten peace and lead to ungovernability cannot be allowed.

He indicated that the violent actions staged in recent days are financed by members of the leadership of the PLD to disqualify the activities carried out by the Public Ministry in the framework of Operation Squid, which involves a front-line minister of the Government of Former President Danilo Medina.

He stressed that he and his organization would be vigilant and willing to confront those who try to endanger the peaceful coexistence of the country.

In recent weeks, leaders and supporters of the PLD have staged protests against the actions of the Public Ministry after the arrest of the former presidential candidate of that organization and former Minister of Public Works, Gonzalo Castillo, of the former Administrative Minister of the Presidency, José Ramón Peralta (both members of the organization’s Political Committee), as well as the former Minister of Finance, Donald Guerrero.

Two of these protests have turned into violent acts in which two legislators from the opposition organization have even been involved.

The first appeared on March 20 when deputies Rudy Méndez (Ñiñín) and Luis Henriquez tried to enter the Ciudad Nueva Palace of Justice to talk with the detainees.

“We wanted to enter to ask some questions to the independent justice system,” Henríquez told the press after being denied entry to the building in the company of dozens of peledeista protesters.

Six days later, there was another confrontation between members of the National Police and members of that organization, who were repelled while kidnapped from the National House of the entity to the Palace of Justice in Ciudad Nueva, where measures of coercion against the accused were reported. In the case of corruption.



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