The Biden family “actively assisted” the CCP.


James Comer, the chairman of the House Oversight Committee, claimed to Newsmax that President Joe Biden’s family was “actively aiding” the Chinese Communist Party in establishing itself in the country.

The Kentucky Republican claimed that transactions allegedly involving Hunter Biden, James Biden, and Chinese business acquaintances benefited the CCP’s domestic expansion when he joined “Rob Schmitt Tonight” on Monday.

Comer insisted that there is already bipartisan support for looking into the CCP and limiting TikTok, a social media company with Beijing roots. “I think the media’s going to have to report on this at some point,” Comer said.
The Democratic members of Congress, he continued, will soon have to deal with claims that “the Biden family was getting money and actively supporting the Chinese Communist Party.”

The subcommittee chair alleged that the Bidens helped China in its efforts “to gain a foot in the door into all these different industries in America that would have a deleterious influence on our national security.”

Comer has led his committee’s investigation of the president’s foreign financial dealings. He recently received permission from the Treasury Department to examine reports of questionable conduct in transactions involving the Biden family.

The congressman previously served subpoenas for three individuals connected to the Bidens’ Bank of America records, which, according to Fox News commentator Sean Hannity, were necessary to obtain the Treasury’s SARs (suspicious activity reports).

“They initially claimed that it was a fabrication because, like Joe Biden, it never seemed to match reality. He may claim these are lies, but we have the financial records to refute him “Comer clarified.

He continued, “Unfortunately, the mainstream media didn’t hold him responsible. Yet he’ll have plenty more chances to justify why his family was getting so much money.

Hunter Biden, James Biden, Hallie Biden, and an unidentified “Biden” allegedly received $1.3 million from a person related to a Chinese energy company, according to a memo from Comer earlier this month.



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