The bully suspect gets further charges for the suicide of Adriana Kuch.


Jersey, New One of the four young people accused of assaulting Adriana Kuch in a New Jersey school hallway as part of a bullying episode is now facing criminal prosecution, according to prosecutors.

The assault at Berkeley Township’s Central Regional High School was documented and posted on social media. The girl, 14, committed suicide two days later.
One of Kuch’s alleged attackers was charged this week with conspiracy to conduct aggravated assault and was added to the already-filed harassment complaint, according to Ocean County Prosecutor Bradley Billhimer.

According to a statement from Billhimer, the juvenile was given a copy of the complaint and freed pending further court appearances.


Two young people were charged with conspiring to commit severe assault, and one juvenile was previously accused.

Adriana O. Kuch’s body was discovered between lockers at Central Regional High School in Bayville on February 3, two days after she had been beaten, according to her father, Michael Kuch.
After learning about the bullying event, Kuch was horrified. According to him, he went to the neighborhood police station with his 14-year-old teen to report the event.

Triantafillos Parlapanides, the superintendent of Central Regional School District, announced his resignation following the event.

The school board declared, “The Central Regional family is still in deep sorrow at the passing of one of our kids. Everybody here is praying for the victim’s family, friends, and the entire neighborhood.”

The district added that it was “examining all current and historical claims of bullying.”

Adriana Kuch and a buddy were seen on camera walking down the hall of their public high school when a girl approached and began slapping Adriana Kuch in the face with a water bottle.

They continually kicked and battered her while she lay on the ground. The student who recorded the video could be heard cheering. The assault was eventually stopped by two school personnel.
She was treated by the school nurse after the assault severely bruised her face and legs. On his Facebook page, her father uploaded pictures from the video.

“These four girls plotted and carried out an assault. In the footage I have, at the beginning when they are discussing what they are going to do, they can be seen laughing “posted.

According to her father, the teen endured months of bullying from peers at the school.

“I am aware of the cause. That occurred as a result of their long-standing dislike for one another and her internet threats against my daughter “He declared.

Adriana was born in Toledo, Ohio, but according to her obituary, she had moved about a lot because her father was in the Army. Seven years ago, they made a move to Bayville. She had just started school.

“She was a great nature lover who loves all animals, supported kids with special needs, and loved jogging with her brothers. Adriana also loved skateboarding, driving dune buggies, riding dirt bikes, and taking hikes in the woods.”


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