The country closes the border in Dajabón for canal work and searches for fugitives.


President Luis Abinader explained this Wednesday that the closure of the border of the Dominican Republic with Haiti in the Dajabón province area was carried out to achieve two objectives and that the eventual opening will depend on the results achieved.


The first is to halt the digging of a canal to divert water from the Massacre River, and the second is to capture the fugitive Haitians who allegedly participated in the quadruple crime in a house in Dajabón.


“The border was closed for two fundamental objectives, and those objectives are in the process of being met, and we are going to evaluate, at the end of the day, if we can open it again,” said the president. At the end of this Wednesday, the border crossing was still closed.

Regarding the canal in the Massacre, the president said that “the most important thing is that international treaties on the management of border waters have to be complied with.”

The second condition is “to have completed the operation to capture those responsible for this tragedy and to send a message, as we are giving it, that those who commit such acts will have drastic results,” the president concluded.

President Abinader offered these statements in the framework of his visit to the border province of Pedernales, where he led a table with his authorities, central government officials and business people.

In the meeting, held under a tent on the land where Puerto Cabo Rojo is being built, the buildings of the plan to turn this province into a tourist pole were evaluated.

Seal passage of water

Earlier, the spokesman for the Presidency, Homero Figueroa, shared a message from a user of the social network X (formerly Twitter) in which he claimed that Haitian citizens were covering the channel in response to the call of the Dominican authorities.

“Haitian citizens are sealing the passage of water from the Massacre River, as demanded by the Dominican Government, after the border closure executed by the Land Border Security Corps (Cesfront) by the president @luisabinader,” he posted.

Figueroa confirmed the information through a statement from the Presidency, where he said that the Dominican Government has strengthened its border control policy to guarantee the safety and integrity of its citizens, in line with national security measures. “We recognize the Haitian citizens who have voluntarily contributed by sealing the water flow in the Massacre River.”

The spokesman for the Presidency also stressed the importance of maintaining dialogue and peaceful collaboration between neighboring nations. He reaffirmed the commitment of the Dominican Government to address border concerns in a private, constructive manner and for the benefit of the national interest.

They allowed the return of Haitians.

State security agencies allowed hundreds of Haitians who were stranded in Dajabón to leave the country due to the closure of the northern border between Haiti and the Dominican Republic.

The exit of the foreigners was carried out through a small controlled door on the bridge over the Massacre River, which separates both countries.

The citizens of the neighboring country had four, five and even six hours waiting to be allowed to return to their nation.

The foreigners residing in the Dominican territory planned to go to their country to visit relatives. In addition to the Haitians in legal immigration status, the authorities completed the deportations of dozens of undocumented immigrants brought to Dajabón by Immigration Control personnel.

The passage of vehicles and the entry into Dominican territory remain null.

The border area in Dajabón is militarized by members of the Specialized Corps for Border Security (Cesfront) and the Army of the Dominican Republic (ERD).


Ramón Eugenio Medina (Papito,) 60 years old, was executed along with his wife Carmelina Antonia Cabreja, 49 years old, and his son Daniel Medina Cabrera, 19 years old, and an unidentified family friend. The Police killed three and arrested four, and there is a fugitive from the suspects in the crimes.



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