“The Criminal Code is sequestered in the Chamber of Deputies,” denounces Senator Ramón Rogelio Genao


SANTO DOMINGO.- The reformist senator for the province of La Vega, Ramón Rogelio Genao, denounced that there has been a kind of hijacking of the Penal Code in the Chamber of Deputies because there would be no justification for it not having occurred up to now. A report to have the project sent to the Senate of the Republic and converted into law.

Genao said that the legislative piece had been approved in the Senate; however, in these four years of the Modern Revolutionary Party (PRM), he has lost three times in the Lower House.

“It must be said responsibly, the Penal Code is sequestered in the Chamber of Deputies and we need it to come out of that drawer in the fridge and approve it with the changes,” he said.

He called on the majority parties to show the will necessary for the piece to be approved because, at this time, there would be no valid reason not to do so.

Regarding the Senate, Genao considered that the most important project the Upper House is working on is the Procurement and Contracting Law amendment, which has borne fruit but would also have created a series of obstacles.

“Before it was observed, but many times the processes of the law were skipped because it has a series of obstacles and that delays you, so from the establishment of the need, to the hiring, many times it takes more than one period,” he explained.

In this sense, he hopes that the current legislature can draw up a project that responds to the needs of contracting works and purchasing goods and services with agility, maintaining transparency but abbreviating a bit and making the processes more plural.

The senator assured that in the province of La Vega, the activities were carried out normally yesterday, unlike other demarcations of Cibao that would have accepted the strike call.

“There was normal work there, both in the four municipalities and the nine districts, not a single act of violence was registered and the businesses functioned normally, that was the reality; La Vega has always been a peaceful town and nothing else was expected,” he said.

The leader of the Social Christian Reformist Party (PRSC) considered that the electoral scenario would be tripolar and the opposition would be betting on a second round while competing for second place, which made it difficult for an opposition bloc to form.

Regarding the Reformist Party, Genao admitted that today this party organization would be closer to the official bloc because they consider that the characteristics of the government headed by President Luis Abinader are more similar to reformism; he also reiterated that it is very difficult for an opposition bloc to form.



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