The dead businessman would have removed the security cameras his friend and executioner induced.


Fausto Reyes would have changed the security system of his residence induced by his friend Edwin Alberto Holguín Robles (Piquete), owner of the house where the body was found buried in a suitcase on the patio after being missing for days, as they explained to Listín Diario, the relatives of the victim.

“That person (Piquete) knew a lot about systems and hacking. Apart from my father, he was the only one who had access to that (the surveillance system)”, mentions Katherine Reyes, the victim’s daughter.
Likewise, Reyes’s daughters mention that the system installation process had been initiated precisely because Piquete had told him that he “had to take care” of some supposed enemies. However, the new system was never installed.
It is alleged that Holguín Robles was known to have the ability to hack bank accounts and phones.
“Looking for our father was the purpose of coming here,” the sisters narrate, who mention that they exhausted all resources in their search, although they never imagined that they would find him that way.

Elba Arelis Batista, Reyes’ ex-wife, says that the first indicator that alerted her that something was out of the ordinary was that Reyes did not often write text messages; on the contrary, he always sent voice notes and made calls with his relatives.
“He wasn’t talking to me, so I couldn’t call him, but someone contacted me to rent the pool,” is what Batista indicates, so he tells one of his daughters to notify her father of the request, but this never answers the phone call.


The lady would have confirmed with others close to the businessman that they had tried to communicate with him. However, she did not answer the call. “But Fausto doesn’t like to write, there’s something weird here,” says Batista.

When communicating with his “best friend” and alleged executioner, Piquete would have informed Batista that Reyes was with a young woman, but after corroborating the information and denying that he had seen Fausto Reyes for a long time, doubts about Piquete began.
The family indicates that Edwin Alberto Holguín Robles (Piquete) and Anderson Lorenzo Alcántara were the only “up and down” with his relative.

The relatives explain that Reyes had known Holguín for three years since he began to frequent the bar when the victim opened the business. “They shared a lot, they were canchanchanes, they went up and down. I was already part of the family”, they say.

They never imagined that that friend who joined the search for the missing businessman had been his murderer.
“He went everywhere with us, and with the second one they arrested (Anderson) they went out with me to look for him,” says Elba Arelis Batista, who was Fauto’s wife for more than 30 years.


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