The Government of the DR hires former United States Ambassador Wally Brewster.


SANTO DOMINGO.- Former United States Ambassador to the Dominican Republic James -Wally- Brewster (2013-2017) maintains a dynamic business agenda after leaving the diplomatic mission.

He said that his company Patino Brewster & Partners, has received multiple requests for advice and consultancy from local clients for the commercial and international relations areas. For that reason, although his official residence remains in Dallas, he opted with his partner Bob Satawake to acquire a home in the elegant Casa de Campo urbanization in La Romana.

In a conversation with journalist Katherine Hernández on her program Being Honest, Brewster stated that his clients include the current Dominican government.


“We are currently working with a couple of ministries here in the Dominican Republic to build relations with the United States, we are also working on connecting the Haitian ambassador and his relationship with the United States, and there are other governments with which we also work,” he explained. He.

Brewster denied the possibility of re-heading the diplomatic delegation, saying:

“I don’t think it would be the right thing to do,” and he justified that the Biden administration still does not have an ambassador in the country, considering that it is a complex process while denying that bilateral relations are going through a bad time.

“There are some Republicans like Ted Cruz of Texas and others who can just block a nomination even though it slows down and hurts our international relations because it slows down the process tremendously. Let’s not take it personally, there is an excellent relationship with the United States,” he maintained.

During his management as an ambassador between 2013 and 2017, Brewster was characterized by not gilding the pill regarding issues such as the fight against corruption.

The international community is not acting in Haiti.

Brewster explained that the crisis in Haiti is a great challenge for the country and the international community, which he says must continue to be pressured.

“People are dealing with food security issues, there is no water, they are dealing with violence and kidnapping… The United States must take that leadership and that is what I am sponsoring in Washington and I will continue,” he said.


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