The government says it is investigating an incident involving a Haitian child.


Santo Domingo DR: The General Directorate of Migration (DGM) reported this Saturday that it is investigating an incident involving a child who hung from the bars of a moving truck of that institution. At the same time, the mother holds him from inside when she is transferred to an immigration control unit.

So far, neither the place nor the date of what happened is known. Still, the head of the DGM, Venacio Alcántara, prevented that “if the action is proven,” which he described as abusive, “the acting agents will be suspended and subjected to justice.”

A team of Immigration Control, Human Resources, Intelligence, and the Communications Directorate of the DGM “will investigate in depth and submit the report as soon as possible,” said the head of the DGM in a statement.


Alcántara said, “under no circumstances will he tolerate actions that go against the integrity of people and human rights, regardless of the individual’s immigration status or nationality.”

He affirmed that this institution respects the human rights of all migrants in the territory of the Dominican Republic.

“We will not tolerate any action that goes against these principles. We will always be committed to protecting all foreign citizens in Dominican territory, regardless of their immigration status,” requires the official.


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