The massive participation of the PDI and other parties of the Opposition Bloc in an event in support of FP guarantees victory for Leonel and Polanco in the 2024 elections.


By Miguel Cruz Tejada


NEW YORK._ The massive participation of a contingent of the People’s Force, the Institutional Democratic Party (PDI), and other parties of the Opposition Bloc in the act of support for the presidential candidacy of Leonel Fernández at the Armory Arena in Upper Manhattan on Saturday, guarantees the triumph of former president Leonel Fernández to the presidency and of Dr. Yomare Polanco as overseas deputy in constituency #1 of the United States.


Polanco, who is the federal president of the PDI for the United States and Canada, and also the general coordinator for the exterior of the Bloc of opposition parties, is the only official candidate for the deputation abroad, highlighted the success of the activity and said that he hopes in based on the reservation of the candidacies that between 12 to 15 parties join his political and legislative project and assume him as a candidate for deputy abroad of the organizations that will make up the Opposition Bloc headed by Leonel and directed by Polanco abroad, to seal the triumph of both candidacies.

Polanco made available fleets of vehicles for the event in which supporters of former President Leonel Fernández and the PDI traveled from the states of Virginia, Washington DC, Philadelphia, and the cities of Hazleton and Lancaster in Pennsylvania, Camden, Plainfield, Paterson, Newark, Hackensack, Union City, Trenton, New Brunswick, and Perth Amboy in New Jersey.

Thousands of militants from New York, New England, and Canada also attended, who contributed to making the event an act of support for Leonel Vibrante, where they reaffirmed their commitment to continue working tirelessly until the former president returns to the National Palace as president-elect. . of the Dominican Republic and all Dominicans abroad.

Leonel was impressed, surprised, and euphoric with the number of his supporters who filled the stadium.

“They told me that this was a great act that I was following via streaming and I saw everyone arrive, but I did not imagine being physically with you, that it was an activity of the magnitude that it has had,” said the former president.

Polanco defines Leonel as “the number 1 leader here and there.”

“If the Central Electoral Board (JCE) does not repeat the fraud that it did to me, we have already won, because we not only have the affection of the people who show it to me and I am not saying it out of boastfulness, I say it with joy,” said Polanco.

“I feel happy with God that he has given me the opportunity to work here, in the United States diaspora and to see that every time I participate in events the affection that the community gives me is latent and broad, so much affection and love make me feel fine,” he said.

He said that he helps his wife, children, and grandchildren see that the sacrifice is worth it because people recognize his work.

“The parties have already made their reservations and I am reserved as their candidate for deputy. I will be in at least 12 boxes on the ballot because at least 12 parties will take me as a deputy, which is a blessing from God,” added Polanco.

To this day, Polanco is the first and only official candidate for Overseas Deputy (the others are still pre-candidates). His candidacy has been endorsed by the PDI and the Opposition Bloc, who thank God for giving him this great opportunity. “That’s good because we’re off to a good start.”



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