The meeting of the Political Committee of the PLD will be this Tuesday.


The Political Committee (CP) of the Dominican Liberation Party (PLD) will meet this Tuesday, April 11, in the morning at the Reinaldo Pared Pérez National House.

The PLD held an extraordinary meeting before the meeting of the Central Committee on March 26, in which the proposal that was finally accepted for the selection of its candidates for next year’s elections was unified.

The meeting of the political executive body of the PLD is scheduled for 10:00 in the morning, according to the call sent to its members from the General Secretariat.


With this meeting, the Dominican Liberation Party resumes its agenda that includes the promotional work of its presidential candidate, Abel Martínez, the provincial assemblies in charge of the national campaign coordination and the development of the electoral issue, according to the deadlines of the electoral laws.

The PC meeting is ordinary, so the agenda to be developed is approved at the same meeting according to the suggestions and points proposed.

It is recalled that it is a closed-door meeting in which only the members of the said body participate, but that at the beginning, the entrance of the representation of the media is allowed to capture on their cameras the moment of the conception and at the end it is reported of its resolutions and conclusions.


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