The members of the PRM will be the ones who choose the presidential candidate.


Santo Domingo, RD: The Modern Revolutionary Party (PRM) decided to choose its presidential candidate for next year’s general elections through the vote of its affiliates, the modality known as closed voter registration.

This was reported this Monday night by the leader of that organization Eddy Olivares, who assured the media that President Luis Abinader presented the proposal to the members of the PRM political leadership.

“This is a sample of the democratic vocation of compañero Luis Abinader and a very clear manifestation that the PRM’s purpose is for the Central Electoral Board (JCE), as an impartial third party, to be the one who organizes, controls and supervises the internal election of our game,” Olivares said.


As for the other positions of popular election, he said that the official formation decided this would be determined “in the next few days.”

Olivares recalled that April 14 expires the term of the law to present to the JCE the modalities that the parties will use to choose their candidates for the 2024 elections.

On the other hand, he assured that the political leadership of the PRM did not address the accusations of the Dominican Liberation Party (PLD) against the Government and the party in power, which is using the Public Ministry as a political instrument against the purple political party.

“Of course, the PRM will refer to this issue,” Olivares replied.


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