The National Awareness Movement (MONACO) supports the candidacy of Abel Martínez abroad.


New York: The National Awareness Movement (MONACO) joins the External Sector Abroad to appoint the current trustee of Santiago de Los Caballeros and presidential candidate of the Dominican Liberation Party (PLD), Abel Martínez, as the next president of the Dominican Republic Duran.

The General Coordinator of the Foreign Sector, Mr. Luis Encarnación, and the counselor of the Foreign Sector Abroad, Mr. Galindo Martínez, swore in the movement.

In the multitudinous act, the movement and its leadership were sworn in: businessman José Peralta, president; José Miqueo, Vice President and Coordinator of New Jersey, Philadelphia, and Washington; Carlos López, Secretary General; Oscar Díaz Mírele, Secretary of the Treasury; Yaquelin Cuevas, Women’s Coordinator; Marla Lopez, Secretary; Rafael López and Seferino López, Coordinators in Brooklyn; Roberto Meléndez, Head of Security and Strategy.


In his words, the businessman Peralta highlighted the trajectory of MONACO and his commitment to raising awareness about the importance of working on the education of our society to obtain greater development and opportunities for the future of our country. “I have proposed that the educational budget be raised from 4% to 6.25% to have a better quality in education, starting from it in the most needy sectors of our country and to allow competition with the countries of the region”, said.

The second proposal of Entrepreneur Peralta is based on the fact that our seniors can receive the benefits acquired from Medicare and Medicaid Insurance in the Dominican Republic. Thus the diaspora will be able to live with dignity from their retirement in their beloved land.

The Secretary General of MONACO, Carlos López, highlighted the qualities of candidate Abel Martínez as a capable young man dedicated to leading the country toward progress. López highlighted how Abel Martínez had turned Santiago into a benchmark and regional model for Latin America, characterized by organization, cleanliness, and respect. “Whoever changes a city changes a country.” Lopez expressed.


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