The new president of the Senate will give priority to the Penal Code.


SANTO DOMINGO.- Senator Ricardo de los Santos, who as of August 16 will assume the presidency of the Upper House, announced this Friday that he will prioritize several expired projects, including the Penal Code.

“For its approval, however, we have to find a way to build the necessary consensus,” the senator for the province Sánchez Ramírez, who will replace Eduardo Estrella, representative of Santiago, told the press.

The Senate approved a new Penal Code last February, which left abortion out of the three grounds claimed by feminist groups and other sectors of the country, including several legislators.


With more than 400 articles, the initiative went to the Chamber of Deputies, where it was sent to the Justice Commission for further study.

The feminist groups demand that the Penal Code, whose discussions date back more than 20 years, include in its articles abortion when the life of the woman is in danger when the pregnancy is caused by rape or incest and if the fetus has malformations that they make it incompatible with life.

However, this is flatly rejected by the churches and various organizations and civil society groups.


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