The purification system of the Police that dusts off old citizen files


The Citizen Identification and Biometric Purification System (DEBI), which National Police agents use to purify citizens on the streets of the Dominican Republic, has unleashed various complaints against the “red dots” assigned to people who had, at some point, problems with justice.

The most recent accusation was made by the Autonomous University of Santo Domingo (UASD) professor, Santiago Castro Ventura, who said that he appeared on Saturday in the verification system in red after having a record from the year 1972 when he was arrested and recorded. For participating in a political demonstration, a fact for which he was not tried.

This Monday night, he was arrested again after being purged by the officers, an action he described as an outrage towards his person.
In addition to the registered case of 1972, Castro Ventura was declared in absentia in 2010 for allegedly violating articles 100 and 101 of the Criminal Procedure Code after not appearing at the hearings to the detriment of the young Luis Ernesto Castro González, who at that time was a minor. Old. He was charged with domestic violence. Regarding this record, he assures that he was not notified and has always made a public life, so he has never tried evading Dominican justice.


In addition to Castro Ventura, the president of the Federation of Teachers’ Associations of the UASD, Efraín Javier, told Diario Libre that he went through a similar situation when he was arrested on José Contreras Avenue at the corner of Abraham Lincoln last May.

He stated that a patrol stopped him and, without any explanation, sent him that he had to take him into custody after appearing in red in the registration system. The file came out due to a demand for electricity rates with Edesur in 2012.


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