The third priority of the government of Robert F. Kennedy Jr. will be environmental pollution (3 of 12)


By Esteban Cabrera.
(The author is a Latino consultant for American Values 2024)

New York: In this collection of twelve articles, we examine the twelve government priorities of independent candidate RFK Jr., endorsed by the American Values 2024 Super Pac. 

Robert F. Kennedy Jr. spent much of his career as an environmental lawyer, holding up big polluters and government agencies that failed to follow the law. He had become one of America’s most influential environmental advocates in the early 2000s and was named a “Hero of the Planet” by TIME magazine.
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On April 19, 2023, Robert F. Kennedy Jr. tweeted: “God speaks to human beings through many vectors,” days after issuing his primary challenge to Joe Biden in a historic speech in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, where An excited crowd shouted at him repeatedly: “Declare your independence!, “Declare your independence!, “Declare your independence!”

Kennedy gained much recognition for his hard work for environmental protection because of his reputation and name as an avenging ecological lawyer and his perseverance. He is not granted the privilege of contributing to creating the Waterkeeper Alliance, a global network that seeks to save water sources. Nor having established a solid history of defending indigenous peoples against pollution and industrial land appropriation.

RFK Jr. has achieved success by uniting liberal and conservative environmentalists who share a desire for a healthy, clean environment. As a leader, he will bring the same dedication and partnership-building to addressing the most pressing environmental challenges in the United States and worldwide to curb negative ecological impacts.

We have observed that, in the media, only a headline reporting on another, more natural severe disaster changes the previous one reporting on floods, droughts, fires and toxic spills. In many places, the water is contaminated, the weather is strange, and our soil is depleted. The chronic disease epidemic is at an all-time high. Once Kennedy comes to the White House, we will address these problems at their roots and solve their problems.

“We are going to modify agricultural subsidies to promote regenerative practices.”

Kennedy has repeatedly stated to the media that a new generation of farmers and ranchers is building soil, replenishing groundwater and detoxifying the land while producing the same amount of food as conventional farmers and earning a decent living.

“We will incentivize the industry’s transition toward zero-waste cycles and clean energy sources and forge agreements with other countries to implement these policies throughout the global supply chain,” he said, adding that these first two policies will significantly decrease waste. Toxic substances, industrial poisons and pesticides make both people and ecosystems sick.

“We will protect wild lands from further development, preventing mining, logging, oil drilling and suburban sprawl. We will rethink development policies that promised economic growth while ignoring ecological sustainability and that in the end achieved neither,” said RFK Jr.

“We will restore the role of USDA and EPA in protecting health and the environment. Today, corporate influence has negatively affected these agencies, spreading highly toxic chemicals in our food, soil, air and water.” Kennedy said.

It’s time to clean it!

RFK Jr. will prioritize people and places in all of his policies. Although climate change has generated a lot of controversy in recent years, skeptics and environmental activists can find many sensible policies. To clean up this country, we will focus on them and rebuild a broad environmental coalition.

Source: Kennedy 24



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