The tricolor flag of the Dominican Republic was raised this Monday at the Philadelphia City Hall.


By Polón Vásquez

Philadelphia, PA: As a great tribute and symbolic tribute to the homeland of Juan Pablo Duarte, the Tricolor Flag of the Dominican Republic, was raised on Monday, February 27, 2023, on the front esplanade of the City of Brotherly Love County Hall.

The sociocultural activity to raise the tricolor and national symbol of Dominicans in the Caribbean country and Philadelphia was organized by the Association of Dominicans of the Delaware Valley with the collaboration of official entities of the Dominican government and other civic organizations led by Quisqueyanos residing in the tri-state zone.


Yocasta Lora, president of the Dominicans of the Delaware Valley, welcomed dozens of Dominicans who attended the patriotic, civic, and cultural events of the different Creole communities in the gigantic and productive region.
Yocasta Lora, after a brief exclusive interview for [RCM-Noticias] Reporters, reported that the organization she presides over has been hoisting the Dominican Flag at Philadelphia City Hall for nine years.

“We have been carrying out and developing the raising of the Dominican Flag at the Philadelphia City Hall, as a great tribute and symbolic homage to reveal the always active presence and social contribution of Caribbean Dominicans in this part of the American Union,” she said she, Lora.

She also highlighted hundreds of thousands of Dominicans’ important cultural and economic contributions to the renewal of neighborhoods fully dedicated to strengthening commercial activities in the historic city.

“The raising of the Creole flag in Philadelphia aims to publicly promote the Dominican communities that have lived in the region for decades, both in the workplace and in capital investments at the business level,” said Yocasta Lora, who served for several years as an educator and extensionist for the Hispanic Chamber of Commerce of this populous city and the Delaware Valley.

“I must also highlight the healthy contributions of Quisqueyan professionals to the intellectual development of Hispanics in South New Jersey, Wilmington, Delaware and the historic Fraternal City,” highlighted the prominent community leader of Dominican origin, Yocasta Lora.

As Master of Ceremony, Fulvio Acosta presents his daughter Victoria de él, who interpreted the glorious national anthems of the United States and the Dominican Republic.

Similarly, I have mentioned Raúl De la Rosa, Antonio (Tony) Valdez, and Miss Emmy, director of the Philadelphia Office of Immigration Affairs.

Fulvio Acosta also presented. To Lina Bono, Daniel Crouseette, Alberto, Pedro Rodríguez, Benito Bravo, Madelyn Pimentel, Ramón Marte, Madelyn Paredes, and Miguel Peralta, current president of the Philadelphia Dominican Parade and Festival.

Agronomist Manuel Saldaña Guerrero was present on behalf of the Dominican Consul General in the State of Pennsylvania, Dr. Alexis Antonio Henríquez Núñez, who, on behalf of the Dominican President, Lic. Luis Rodolfo Abinader Corona congratulated and congratulated all Dominicans. That he lives and works in the Delaware Valley region.

Also present were Hilario Fontanilla, head of the Pennsylvania office of the Central Electoral Board (JCE) based in Philadelphia, Franklyn Medrano, Tomasina Sosa, Rafael Arturo Rojas, Andrea Rodríguez de Bravo, Franklin Muñoz and Enerolina Meléndez.


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