They arrest the man who tried to set fire to his ex-partner.


Writing.- Police agents, attached to the San Fernando municipality in the province of Montecristi, arrested in the Las Flores sector of that city a man who tried to set fire to his ex-partner with fines for taking his life.

It is about Luis de la Rosa, 38, who sprayed gasoline on her ex-partner, 45, whose arm he took, trying to moisten it with the fuel to set it on fire.

According to the police report, the homicidal intentions of the detainee were frustrated thanks to the timely intervention of the neighbors and the preventive police agents who came to the place through the calls of the people.


The detainee would have tried to flee the place but was pursued by the police members who captured him. After his arrest, De La Rosa was taken to the Padre Fantino public hospital. According to the doctor on duty, he presented mild blunt head trauma in the right parental region, caused by himself with an object not yet identified.

The same will be submitted to justice within the next few hours to answer for the fact.


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