They bury women killed in a shootout in a Tamayo bar.


Bahoruco, DR: This Wednesday the remains of Sendy Rabely Michel Guzmán and Flordeliz Mateo were buried, the two women who died during a shooting at an alcoholic beverage outlet in Tamayo, Bahoruco province, in which five other people were also injured.


The remains of the two victims were exposed in the central park of Tamayo and, later, transferred to the cemetery, where they were given a Christian burial amid cries for justice.


Those close to Michel Guzmán and Mateo stated that they were not optimistic about the investigation process followed by the police in the area in the search for Hansel Pérez de la Cruz, designated by the National Police as one of those responsible for the murder and who to date is currently he is a fugitive.

In this sense, Máximo Mateo, brother of Flordeliz Mateo, called the family of Hansel Pérez de la Cruz to turn him over to the police authorities.

“I am not going to say locals, because they are not going to catch it, we are clear about it. But, to the authorities of the National Police that they take measures so that we are on time, my sister, these young women have families and we must avoid them”. bloodshed, because you have to catch that other criminal, whatever it is, you have to catch him,” Mateo said.

They also requested the intervention of the Director of the National Police, Eduardo Alberto Then.

José Ernesto Mesa Santana is the other person arrested for the incident, where Ismael Ricardo, Ydalisa Figuereo, Yohan Morrillo González, Rosmery Jiménez, Ahidelyn Sirett Ramírez and Yohan Morrillo González were injured.



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