They denounce the death of fish due to a barge installed in Azua


SANTO DOMINGO.- The Academy of Sciences of the Dominican Republic (ACRD) asked the Ministry of the Environment to investigate the death of dozens of fish on Los Negros beach in Azua.


He reported that electricity-generating barges from the Turkish company Karadeniz Powership were installed in that area, located within the Manglares Wildlife Refuge protected area.


He recalled that Puerto Viejo “is a very sensitive protected area, from the point of view of the coastal-marine biodiversity of the Dominican Republic, as it is a lagoon or marine lagoon trapped on land, barely separated from the Caribbean Sea by barrier reefs, mangroves and small keys loaded with migratory birds.

“Between Saturday and Sunday, around the Cardeniz Powership Plant, and in particular at Playa de los Negros, great mortality of marine fish belonging to five families was observed: Monacanthidae, Balistidae, Morenidae, Serranidae, and Pomacentridae. , which could be identified in this preliminary report”, the entity indicates in a statement.

He warns that “what happened must be made clear to the country. This company benefited from an environmental license based on an ecological adaptation plan to respond to situations with major environmental impacts such as this one.

It expresses that “discourse cannot be divorced from reality, no one can claim that this electric company is outside the protected area when all the species that are dying are inside it.”

“Water does not constitute a physical barrier to be considered a buffer or buffer area. The legal reason for a buffer area is precisely to avoid situations like this, where life is endangered and species find no place to take refuge for survival”, he adds.



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