They fire Donaly calling him “my little angel.”


Santiago, DR: In pain and tears, relatives and close friends of the pre-adolescent Donaly Joel Martínez, 11 years old, said their last goodbye yesterday at the El Ingenio cemetery in Santiago de los Caballeros.
Hundreds of community members moved by this event attended the burial and showed solidarity by accompanying them alongside the hearse as they moved from the residence in the Cienfuegos sector to the cemetery.

Expressions of pain and anguish were heard at the time of the burial and when relatives saw Donaly Joel for the last time.

At a certain point, everyone joined the moment of silence, which after a few minutes was interrupted by clamors such as “oh my little angel” by the relatives who expressed their anger at him.


Inside her crying and in a hopeless way, Donald Joel’s aunt held on to the niche in which her nephew will rest in peace, grieved for not sharing with “her little boy of hers” again.

loud songs

Songs of pain and death, such as “Police, don’t kill me,” are placed on huge horns, and dozens of people on motorcycles accompany the walkers on this tragic journey.

Community members and neighbors with tears waited outside their homes and all over the street for the remains of Donaly Martínez, making an act of union to the pain that overwhelms the family. From the youngest to the oldest, they have expressed solidarity with the sad situation that these people are going through.

On Monday night, while the coffin was displayed at his home in Cienfuegos, Santiago, people searched the streets to demand justice for the child’s death.

On Las Carreras avenue and in Santiago Oeste, they marched and lit candles to express their anger at this event.

The life of the 11-year-old boy was taken from him by an agent of the Rapid Action Police in the middle of an incident due to the high volume of a horn at a time when the carnival was held in this city.

missed at school

A lump in his throat and tears running down his cheeks prevented him from expressing how Donaly was his best friend when a child said, “we were 25 in the course.”

“I loved him very much; we always played and took care of ourselves,” says the boy’s best friend killed by a Rapid Action police officer in an incident caused by a horn at the Santiago carnival.

His classmates say that he was “a happy boy.”


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