They name a well-known PLD militant at the Dominican consulate in NY.


(Warning: this is an article from an external source, so it does not reflect the point of view of the newspaper El Faro Latino nor do we take care of making verifications because it is the sole responsibility of the author).


By Alexander Olivence


New York: Mrs. Reyna Abreu was appointed to the Information Technology Department of the Dominican consulate as if no one in the PRM could fill that position.

Amid the discontent of the perremeistas who have not yet been able to place the majority of their militants on the government train in New York. However, in the consulate, they are left without deregistering the peledeístas. Instead of removing these usurpers alone, they continue to name them as a measure of defiance of the PRM and its militancy.

Who would have thought that in managing Mr. Eligio Jáquez, he would be so condescending to those who used all kinds of reprisals, slander, and unhealthy and unfounded accusations against the consul? Who would have thought that Eligio would do something when his trusted secretary is from the PLD? The person in charge is from the PLD, with ten years in that position, and earns a weekly salary of 1,500 dollars.

You could expect something like this from any colleague except Mr. Eligio Jáquez. Although there, everything is opportunism and abuse. The peledeístas laugh in the face of the PRM. But things do not end there, Mr. Francisco Mariñez, consular assistant and special assistant to Mr. Jáquez, earning a small salary, has just bought a vehicle valued at 49 thousand dollars.

This must stop, Mr. President. Refrain from getting confused; the PRM in NY is wrong, and acts like those mentioned in this complaint make things worse. Above all, the excuse of the high leaders before the compañeros from the bases is that there are no places to employ those from the PRM, but there are places for those from the PLD who have been cooking for more than a decade.

This news will end up in all the media in the Dominican Republic if they do not resolve this situation. Or prepare them to go out and look for the votes for the party in the next elections of 2024. ABUSERS!

Att Alexander Olivence, the defender of the bases of the PRM.



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