They prohibit the sale of alcoholic beverages for this Good Friday.


Santo Domingo.- The Ministry of the Interior and Police reported today that this Good Friday, the sale of alcoholic beverages will be prohibited.

The measure was adopted to avoid disturbing the “environment of reflection and peace” of the time, as reported by authorities before the start of the Easter 2023 Operation “Awareness for Life.”

The resolution will only be in effect from 12:01 morning on Friday until 12:01 morning on Saturday, April 8.


The Ministry of the Interior and Police informed that the violation of this resolution might lead to the temporary or definitive closure of the establishment and the cancellation of the corresponding licenses or permits without prejudice to any other sanction established in the laws or regulations.

“Because Holy Week is a solemn and religious date, and that the sale of alcoholic beverages in inappropriate places and hours could disturb the atmosphere of reflection and peace typical of Christian festivities, it is necessary to prohibit it,” it indicates. The resolution.

The National Directorate for the Control of the Sale of Alcoholic Beverages (COBA), with the support of the National Police, will ensure faithful compliance with the resolution.


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