They report that Shakira vacations in a villa in the Dominican Republic.


SANTO DOMINGO.- Shakira is vacationing in the Dominican Republic, and she is not alone, the Spanish media have stated in the last few hours.


The Colombian singer is in this Caribbean country “enjoying the beaches” accompanied by Carla Pereyra, a model and female soccer player, who is reporting on her vacation on social networks, said the digital portal, echoing data provided by the program ‘Fiesta,’ which originates from Spain.


These “vacations” are taken by Shakira after leaving Barcelona, Spain, after having divorced the famous soccer player Gerard Piqué, with whom she was related for almost 12 years.

“A week has passed since Shakira took the plane to leave Barcelona, and although at first everything indicated that she was going to go directly to Miami, the singer played the mistake and preferred to make a stop first” in the Dominican Republic, says.

The digital newspaper, which specializes in news about the heart and the monarchy, highlights that Carla is sharing the experiences of her visit to the Dominican Republic on social networks through photographs with her little ones and two friends, including Shakira, who supposedly he has preferred to keep his vacation quiet to enjoy the tranquility.

She points out that in the “Fiesta” program, they said they are in a “private villa” whose location has not been specified.

This Saturday, it was also reported that the former Prime Minister of England, Boris Johnson, has been on vacation in the Dominican Republic.



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