Three people, including two teens, are killed in a fiery drag racing incident in Chicago.


A car is shown completely engulfed in flames after colliding into a Chicago motel in a cell phone video shot immediately after the collision.

According to authorities, two teens were among the three fatalities after a car caught fire in Chicago following a drag racing incident.

At about 11 p.m. on Saturday, police were already on the scene in West Pullman after receiving reports of drag racing.

The car’s driver lost control and slammed into the Grand Motel in the Washington Heights neighborhood’s 12000 block of South Halsted Street.
Police were informed by a witness that the car instantly caught fire.
Fox 32 reports that three persons, including two guys in their 18s, died in the collision.

After seeing the car performing doughnuts in the street, witnesses claimed they dialed 911.
José Manuel Velazquez and Jonas Gutierrez were two victims whose names were given by the family. The family disclosed to Fox 32 that they were both 18 years old and East Aurora High School grads.
A path of fire can be seen leading to a car that appears to be completely engulfed in cell phone footage taken shortly after the collision. The precise cause of the fiery crash is unknown.



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