Tony Lyons Announces American Values Raising More Than $11 Million After Kennedy’s Independent Candidacy Announcement.


By Esteban Cabrera


(The author is a Latino consultant for American Values 2024)


Philadelphia, PA: Tony Lyons, President of Skyhorse Publishing and co-founder of American Values 2024 Super Pac, said that six hours after Robert F. Kennedy, Jr. announced his decision to run as an Independent candidate for the US presidency. In the US, more than $11,000,000 in contributions have poured into SuperPAC from people of all political stripes nationwide.

“This is not much different than the $5,000,000 in contributions that came DURING Bobby’s congressional testimony on censure, where members of the Democratic Committee, ironically, attempted to convict him. American Values 2024 has raised more than $28,000,000 since its founding in late 2022. Americans don’t like censorship or propaganda and are tired of being lied to,” said Tony Lyons, co-founder of American Values, the super PAC that supports Kennedy (and funder of The Kennedy Beacon, an independent publication created to support Kennedy’s presidential project).

“It is clear that Bobby is inspiring a trendy movement that unites left and right, black and white, rural and urban, young and old. His campaign is a movement built for and by the people, not corrupt politicians and corporations. You can see it from city to city across the country: there is a real connection and a palpable desire for change. “Millions of independent-minded Americans are watching the most powerful campaign of censorship and propaganda against any candidate in American political history,” Lyons said.

“They are angry at the Democratic National Committee for trying to disenfranchise them, eager to support an honest Democrat, and more open to an honest, independent candidate than ever in American history.” Tony Lyons concluded.

About American Values 2024:

American Values 2024 is a Super PAC dedicated to electing Robert F. Kennedy Jr. as President of the United States. The Super PAC was founded by Tony Lyons, president of Skyhorse Publishing, and Mark Gorton, CEO of Tower Research Capital. Learn more at



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