Tropical cyclone warning for all DR coasts; Franklin could accelerate and strengthen its winds between the afternoon and night of Tuesday


Dominican Republic.-Tropical cyclone Franklin has changed its direction of movement and increased its speed of translation, which increases the possibility that, between Wednesday afternoon and night, it will accelerate a little more to the northwest and gain a little more strength in its sustained winds.

The center of Franklin was located near latitude 15.8 north and 70.3 west, about 340 km south/southwest of Santo Domingo.

The National Meteorological Office explains that Franklin’s maximum sustained winds remain at 85 kilometers per hour, with higher gusts. The storm’s winds extend about 110 kilometers off its center, moving northwest at about 11 kilometers per hour.


The models continue the projections regarding the future trajectory. Franklin is expected to turn north on Tuesday, and “if it continues like this, the storm’s center would be positioning itself near the south coast of the Dominican Republic at dawn on Wednesday.


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