Trump to the NRA: I’ll Be ‘Your Loyal Friend, Fearless Champion’


Taking a bow as the “most pro-gun pro-Second Amendment president,” outgoing President Donald Trump vowed to defend Americans’ right to bear arms “forever.”

Trump addressed the annual National Rifle Association convention in a live speech on Newsmax. “As a candidate in 2016, I promised you that I would save your Second Amendment from absolute obliteration — that’s where it was going — and as your president, that’s exactly what I did,” he said. “We preserved the Second Amendment and will maintain it for a long time.

It’s under attack, but we’ll keep it alive for a very long time, forever. Therefore, I was pleased to serve as the president most in favor of the Second Amendment and the right to bear arms. That has, I believe, been acknowledged. And with your help, as the 47th president of the United States, I will once more be your devoted ally and brave champion.

Trump spoke in the style of a 2024 presidential campaign during the keynote speech in Indianapolis, Indiana.

According to Trump, no one will touch your firearms, exactly as it was for four years when I was your president. “I will stand by those laudable words: Shall not be violated.

You’re aware of those words.

President Joe Biden’s “war” on the Second Amendment, open borders, failed foreign policies, major crime waves, and using justice against political opponents were among the issues that Trump swore to reverse.

The president-elect continued, “We’re going to have a big, big, successful election coming up; we’re going to take back that beautiful, gorgeous White House.” “I will end Joe Biden’s war on legitimate gun owners on the first day of my new term.

“There is war. It’s crazy what they’re doing. A lot of stuff.
Trump criticized Biden’s unconditional withdrawal from Afghanistan, which resulted in the deaths of American service troops and swift retake of the nation by the Taliban after the longest war in American history and the abandonment of billions of dollars worth of arms, equipment, and ammunition.

Trump remarked, “We left it all behind like fools; idiots head us. And let me tell you, there has never been a greater threat to us. Because of the potency of weapons—I’m not only referring to rifles—I think this is the most difficult period in our nation’s history.

“Now, you understand what I’m referring to—the N-word. Can’t use the N-word; you can’t use two N-word. You cannot use the word “nuclear.”

Domestically, Trump promised to “dismantle the deep state” and defend Americans in the violent streets of Democrat-run cities.

The ATF, the FBI, and the DOJ are all weaponized in our country, according to Trump, who promised to stop it as president. I will demolish and abolish the deep state, which includes the bureaucrats who are snatching guns and harassing gun makers and owners every day.

“These left-wing maniacs are persecuting people. The government will no longer target the adversaries of the left. Instead, we’ll go after violent offenders once more. I desire to pursue criminals. These are either evil or mentally ill individuals. And we must follow them. And quit worrying about someone who only wants a gun for defense or other purposes and will never injure anyone.

We promise we’ll put them in jail and keep them in jail.

Trump was certain those who break the law and commit crimes are to blame for the violence.

But let’s be clear; he added: “The problem is not too many firearms; it’s too many hoodlums, thugs, and savage criminals on our street. “That is the problem.

Instead of putting these violent murders behind bars, radical district attorneys, attorney generals, and prosecutors are using the legal system to target Christians, evangelicals, and other religious right members.

Trump cautioned that Democrat-run cities had the worst power abuse and lack of enforcement of the law.

As we sit here and talk, “all of our Democrat-run cities are absolutely ruined and destroyed,” he declared. “I will direct the ATF to cease harassing gun store proprietors and attempting to shut them down due to paperwork errors and to instead pursue drug dealers, human traffickers, and criminal cartels, which is what they ought to be doing,” he said.

Letitia James, the attorney general of New York, campaigned to unseat Trump and destroy the NRA, as Trump again pointed out to NRA members.

In addition to pursuing legal action against me in New York, the attorney general is waging war on the NRA and dishonorably attempting to dismantle this illustrious group that has been an American institution since 1871, according to Trump.

Trump begged the NRA members to be kind to Mike Pence in a rare instance of amity with a contender for the presidency.

Regarding allegations that his former vice president was jeered, Trump joked, “I hope you gave Pence a good, warm approval.” If you want to know the truth, he is a nice man, not because of anything else. He is. He is a decent dude.

And I was told that was incredibly difficult. It’s a major news event. Today, you made headlines. I don’t know what you accomplished, but your introduction today made the news.”



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