Video: INDEX and the city of Allentown, PA, raise the tricolor flag on the 179th anniversary of Dominican Independence.


Allentown, PA: A glorious celebration of the independence day of the Dominican Republic in the city of Allentown in the state of Pennsylvania, coordinated by the Institute for Dominicans Abroad (INDEX), the Luz en Fondo del Alma Foundation; Chambers Foundation, The Allentown City Council, who had the unconditional support of the mayor, Matt Tuerk, who gave an emotional speech and a proclamation for the 179th anniversary of Dominican independence and the raising of our tricolor flag, which fills us with pride and patriotism.

With the participation of numerous police officers from the city of Dominican origin and a masterful presentation by all the authorities. The involvement of Dr. Carlos Salas, chaplain of the police forces and president of the “Salas” foundation, stands out.

It was also the first participation in the event of such magnitude of the honorable Dominican consul of Pennsylvania based in the city of Philadelphia, Alexis. A. Henríquez Núñez, who was accompanied by Eng. Nelson Filpo, special assistant to the Dominican consul in the state of New York, Eng. Eligio Jáquez; Andy Rodríguez, manager of SENASA; Dr. Enrique Luzón, Sub. In charge of SENASA; Lic. Yajaira Alcántara, Consulate of Philadelphia; Lic. Leonardo Henríquez, Manager of the INDEX; Dr. Tomasina Sosa and Lic. Edwin Peña, from INDICE.
The solemnity of the event reached its highest point when Mr. Retired. The General of the Dominican National Police, Damián Enrique Arias Matos, masterfully gave an important talk entitled “Dominican Independence Process,” where he expanded, offering a domain lecture on Dominican sovereignty and independence in his presentation.
Immediately afterward, the Dominican flag was raised in front of the municipal building, preceded by a speech by the councilwoman of Dominican origin, Cynthia Mota, considered the first woman to be president of the Municipal Assembly of Allentown, Pennsylvania.
Later, the festivities moved to the halls of the Sarandonga Latin Bistro, where we participated in the Quisqueya independence party, with the demonstration of various Dominican products and a succulent sancocho enjoyed to the rhythm of our typical dance, the merengue.
To close with a flourish, Mr. Leonardo Henríquez thanked everyone who attended the great event and informed us on several occasions that the Pennsylvania INDEX would soon occur.



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