Vuelta Larga has not received drinking water for ten years due to the indifference of the director of CORAPLATA, Oliver Nazario Brugal.


By Esteban Cabrera

Vuelta Larga, Imbert, Puerto Plata, RD: The young community member, Virmaury Hurtado de la Cruz, recently said in an exclusive interview for the newspaper El Faro Latino that this small community had not received potable water for ten years due to the indifference of the authorities of the governments of Danilo Medina and Luis Rodolfo Abinader Corona in the person of the director of the Corporation of Aqueducts and Sewers of Puerto Plata (CORAAPPLATA), which is the institution responsible for managing drinking water in the province, directed by its director, engineer Oliver Nazario Brugal, who has been in office for more than three years.

The government of President Luis Abinader has broken all the campaign promises made, especially in the western part of the province of Puerto Plata, where the surrounding towns have been without drinking water for more than a decade, even though the Administrative Minister himself of the Presidency, José Ignacio Paliza, who is also a native of this province, has said that the engineer Oliver Nazario Brugal has requested extra budget items, “which are in progress,” which could mean that the generalized chaos in the water supply Drinking water has its origins in the lack of planning and budget deficit, which could directly compromise the Dominican government, which translates into the stoppage of the construction of missing aqueducts, electrification of wells built in various communities, such as Vuelta Larga, sowing chaos in (CORAAPPLATA).


“I want to signify the great effort that has been made in a general sense since the current management of (CORAAPPLATA) so that, with limited resources but managed transparently and honestly, some interesting and much-needed projects have been able to start, especially in the western part and in other towns in the province of Puerto Plata, which is to be recognized,” Paliza told local media in Puerto Plata recently.
“I am here peacefully representing the community, for now, to make a call again, since it has been done several times, called the competent authority. We have had one-on-one meetings, we have spoken on the phone, and the expectation is always that there is no progress, there is no change for the community,” said Virmaury Hurtado de la Cruz, to later add: “In Vuelta Larga, there are homes that have more ten years without receiving drinking water. We are demanding the renewal of the agreement; In the past government, several protests and meetings were held. It was concluded that the existing well was insufficient to supply this community of Vuelta Larga with drinking water. But the problem has never been solved,” he added.
“With the entry of the new Abinader government, a new director of the Puerto Plata Aqueduct and Sewerage Corporation (CORAAPPLATA) also came, the engineer Oliver Nazario Brugal, who has built a couple of new wells, there is even one that the only What you need is to bring electricity about 300 meters to make it operational and that is not done. What is missing is a minimal effort from the director Nazario Brugal to restore the tranquility of this community lost more than ten years ago and condemned to live without drinking water”, added Virmaury Hurtado de la Cruz.
“Since we are here, by this means, a call is going to be made, a challenge is made, or the director of (CORAAPPLATA) is informed that he will let us know if he cannot solve the water problem.” Give us, the community of Vuelta Larga, that we will finish it because we have to end this dilemma because we are concerned with them, and they are concerned with no one. If they give us the aqueduct, we will find a way to put it to work.


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