What was Margarita Cedeño looking for in the house of José Frank, an ally of Leonel


Santo Domingo, RD: As the time to define the alliances due to the fatal deadline for the reserves approaches, there is an increase in visits to the home of the owner of the electoral agreements and leader of the political parties, José Francisco Pena Guaba.

The fat man lives far from the city’s center and takes earplugs to get to his house, but it seems that this matters little to politicians as they seek their advice and present their aspirations and the viability of their projects.

The president of the BIS owned the opposition bloc in the 2020 municipal and congressional elections that won the majority of seats.


Now he has made the same platform available to the opposition, Juntos Podemos, which seeks to unite the opposition. The greatest urgency is the municipal alliance, but the reservation of places will also speak of the scope of a possible congressional coalition.

Regarding the visits, one that drew attention last week was made by the former candidate for the PLD presidential candidacy, Margarita Cedeño. The former Vice President of the Republic, a few days ago, it was noticed that it was activated.

She went to the meeting of the Political Committee, from which she felt absent since the PLD consultation passed, and later, she kept issuing opinions on national issues.

But suddenly, a withdrawal is noticed again in the leader of the purple party. According to gossip, Margarita’s lightning activation was because she would have been offered the candidacy for mayor of the District. Andrés Navarro and Domingo Contreras also aspire to the position.

It seems that after the experience, Margarita realized she could fall into a trap again. And perhaps that led her to seek the answer from the oracle of Arroyo Hondo.


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