Will increase the rent of some government agencies.


The Public Buildings Authority (AEP) is restructuring to modernize internal processes and maximize resources, comply with the maintenance of the structures under their responsibility, and they also propose to increase the rental fee for some government agencies, which are not reviewed for almost two decades.

In an interview with EL VOCERO, the executive director of Public Buildings, Yamil Ayala Cruz, estimated that this restructuring plan will be finalized as soon as May, which covers the management of structures that serve as schools, police stations, fire stations, courts and centers of government.
The reorganization in charge of the company V2A began in November 2022, when Ayala Cruz assumed the direction of the agency after the resignation of Ivelysse Lebrón Durán and discovered the lack of employees and resources in the agency.

Regarding the new leasing fee, the executive director indicated that they are evaluating, together with staff from the Office of Management and Budget (OGP), the new leasing contracts for the different agencies once the current ones expire.


“The canon is below the market. At the personal level, what is currently being charged can be as much as $15 per square foot. We in the AEP are between six to seven dollars depending on the structure. Due to inflation, everything has risen, and what it costs to maintain a school or other structure ten years ago is not the same in 2023. These fees must be reviewed so that the AEP can adequately respond to the required rate of maintenance and change of infrastructure and equipment,” added the official.


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