Will there be a Squid 2.0? Withdraw the complaint that had been filed against the defendants.


SANTO DOMINGO.- Lawyer Carlos Mesa reported that the complaint filed by the National Federation of Christian Social Transportation Workers (FENATTRANSC) against Gustavo Montalvo, Simón Lizardo, Donald Guerrero, Ángel Lockward, and José Ramón Peralta was withdrawn this Wednesday, of course, mismanagement and diversion of the resources collected through the tax of two pesos on Diesel and Premium Gasoline, for the substitution of a scrap of the concho.

Mesa assured that he decided at the request of the Public Ministry that made the request “to open a new line of investigation” in this regard and affirmed that this makes it clear that there will be an “Operation Squid 2.0 in the coming days.”

“Today we have just left the court because given the incident that the defendant’s lawyers were and in view of the response of the Public Ministry that was raised to us in the sense that our complaint that in this line of investigation that they had opened and for which they requested the imposition of the measure of coercion against these 20 defendants in the Public Ministry did not see the suitability at this time,” he said.



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