4 dead in Chimborazo due to landslide in Ecuador


On Tuesday, the Ecuadorian Risk Management Secretariat reported the death of four people due to a landslide due to heavy rains between Monday and Tuesday in the Ecuadorian province of Chimborazo, which also left two injured.

The ministry reported a landslide in the morning of this day in the Guapo Santa Martha sector, very close to Pallatanga.
A statement from the ECU 911 Riobamba Local Center activated that at around 06:43 (local time), the first landslide alert was received, and they proceeded to coordinate “the response of the technical and human resources of the first response institutions” to attend to the affected.

As a consequence of the event, the main road was closed, a house was affected, and several vehicles circulating in the sector, including a passenger bus and a truck, were trapped.


“Relief agencies verified the closure of the state highway E-487, which connects the Coast – Sierra. For this reason, vehicular traffic was diverted along the Guaranda – Babahoyo – El Triunfo route, while the corresponding work was carried out,” specified the center, which completed the debris removal work with the help of heavy machinery.

The actions were carried out jointly with the assistance of rescue units of the Pallatanga and Colta Fire Department, members of the National Police, the Secretary of Risk Management and machinery of the Provincial Government of Chimborazo, and the Ministry of Transport and Public Works.


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